Top Advantages Of Double Hung Aluminum Windows

Double-hung windows are quite popular among many homeowners. First, they are known to offer traditional looks and are easy to operate. In fact, you only need to slide them up and down. There are dividers, which separate panes of glass. They can also snap them for the decorative purposes. The following are the advantages of double hung aluminum windows.

Benefits of double hung aluminum windows


These types of windows are compatible witg23e6dcy7edu2u83i9o2th various home styles. Moreover, they are available in different sizes, stock colors, and shapes. Usually, they are available in a wide range of materials such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. However, aluminum is the commonly used material because of its lightweight and non-rusting properties.

Easy to clean

They have lower sashes and tilt-out upper. This is the part of the window, which holds the glass. It is designed to make your windows easy to clean and maintain. Most manufacturers offer windows that come with removable sashes. All this is meant to make them easy to clean.

Screen and air conditioner friendly

They can accept screens and air conditioners, unlike casement ones. This is because they move up and down, rather than sliding to the side or cranking out. Moreover, they can easily hold your AC units safely. You can add or remove screens whenever you deem necessary.

Energy efficiency

As much as accurate measurements are needed to minimize air leakage and moisture leakage, these windows offer quadruple weatherstripping. This particular feature helps prevent cold air from gaining entrance and heat from escaping. This eliminates need to adjust your thermostat.


Aluminum has excellent properties that make it low maintenhnjm2wed6twe6dy72u82ance material. It is also resistant to various harsh weather conditions. This explains why they do not swell, split, crack, or even warp over time. Therefore, you are guaranteed of an extended lifespan. Aluminum can be used in its finished form. It can also be painted or anodized for decorative finishes and additional protection.

Limited ventilation

They operate by sliding the top sash down and bottom sash up. This implies that only half of it remains open at any particular time.

Not airtight

Although they offer quadruple weatherstripping, they are less airtight as compared to other windows like fixed or casement ones. You should note that double hung aluminum windows are durable, sturdy than the regular ones. Thus, they eliminate issues homeowners have with their regular ones.